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I'll tell a photojournalist I have been working in local broadcast news for the last few years...and one of the problems I always see is that the news business is also reactive...It does not desire to proactive about anything and that is one other area I can see bloggers doing a better job because they are out there looking for stuff...more investigative...most journalists are there to tell the story they are told to tell because it is a job to them and they don't desire to put that job at risk...


Least bloggers wish to knock MSM off its high horse just to giddee-up themselves, a blog and clever copy or a creative podcast does not, poof, a genuine journalist make.

MSM still employs, for the most part, a system of checks and balances, commonly known as the editing process, to provide the audience with credible, reliable, fact-checked info. Blogging is, at best, for the time being, interesting, thought-provoking punditry - the kissing, but still country-come-to-town cousin of journalism. And I would know!

My kingdom for the resources of an old timey newsroom...


And fact-checkers or not, blogs will win out in the long run over MSM as bloggers, bless their hearts, are not burdended with a totally misguided editorial mandate from some archaic hierarchy, or hell, just a plain 'ole clueless boss, to pander relentlessly in a desperate loser-esque manner to hold on to a dumbed-down readership - as does the AJC for instance, with their ludicrous placement of a "feel good" story, preferably one with a righty religious bent to it, on every section, every day. Ughhh...

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